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Serving is both who we are and what we do.

Update your calendar

iChef sellers who keep their calendar up-to-date are 70% more likely to get their dish ordered.


Make certain that your dish/combo photos, cuisine type, number of servings, and general description and price accurately reflect the guest’s selection and taste.


For Chefs: Ensure that you indicate delivery duration, order days and hours. It is recommended that deliver duration is less than 48 hours. time limit for refunds items within 48 hours after delivery.

Commitment and Support

You must be able to guarantee that you are able to serve your guests before accepting an order. If a cancellation is unavoidable, make sure to inform the guest as early as possible. During your serving time, stay available to remedy any issues that may arise. Alternatively, provide guests with a designated and reliable point-of-contact.


Make sure that your kitchen and common areas are cleaned before each dish or delivery package is prepared. This includes changing and cleaning related tools and food containers. Follow your local food handling regulation.


Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of our trusted community. Leave a review for guests within 14 days of an order.


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